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General Clowning Information

This page provides information useful to our members, and to other clowns, that is not directly related to the PCA:

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Clowning Services
Just What IS IT, that a Clown Does???
Clown Insurance
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Christian Clowning
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    • Balloon Shaping
    • Comedy Juggling
    • Comedy Magic
    • Educational Workshops
    • Face Painting Or Temporary Tattoos
    • Stage Shows
    • Storytelling
    • Strolling Entertainment
    • Theme Shows
    • Ventriloquism
    • Adult And Family Parties
    • Banquets
    • Children's Parties
    • Churches
    • Commercial Promotional Events
    • Corporate Events
    • Fast Food Playgrounds
    • Fundraisers
    • Grand Openings
    • Parades
    • Picnics
    • Schools
    • Shopping Malls

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CLOWN Insurance

Click here to open a new page, with information about Clown Insurance, and several links to Insurance Agencies that provide Performer's Policies.

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Links to other Clown Organization Web pages:

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Clowns Of America International (COAI) PCA is Alley 300
World Clown Association (WCA) PCA is Alley 88334

South East Clown Association (SECA)  
Face and Body Art International

Face Painting Information and

Annual Convention

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Links to sites that provide clown supplies or services:

This information is presented as a service to our fellow clowns.
It is NOT a recommendation to buy from these sites, but rather just a list of sites where some of our clowns have found useful products.

Eddie's Trick Shop
Great store with magic, clown supplies, etc...
Mama Clown's Silly Farm Products
They publish a magazine devoted just to face painting, called (surprise!)
"Face Painting"
T. Meyers Magic: Has a very large selection of supplies for the clown or magician, including: Balloon Twisters; Face Painters; Clowns; Magicians; Jugglers
The Oriental Trading Company offers a HUGE selection of gifts, from the nice level down to the Knickknack (give out during a party) level, including: Candy; Costumes; Crafts; Holidays Toys & Novelties; Home Accents; Jewelry; Party Themes; Plush & Dolls; Religious; Stationery.

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Christian Clowning:

Some clowns use their art not only to entertain, but further their religious faith. This is called Christian Clowning.
Click on the following link to see more information about this type / style of Clowning: Christian Clowning

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